Technical communication across Europe

In our highly developed world, technical communication is a necessity: Wherever technical products are manufactured, there is a need for product information. A new report shows that the predominating industrial sectors and the type of technical documentation that is required vary from country to country. So do the people who are responsible for creating product information.

Text by Daniela Straub


Technical communication across Europe

The tekom Europe Country Reports, which were compiled by the international Advisory Board Professional Development and Training, show the current situation in technical communication in Europe. You might be surprised to find out how different it is. 

The results reveal a discrepancy between the actual state and the target state. To sum it up, there is a need for professional technical writers in all countries where the manufacturing industry or software industry is represented. In contrast, there are relatively few countries in which the profession is broadly known and listed in the national occupational classification. However, the level of awareness for the profession is continuously improving. Career changers are working in this field in all countries. This is due to the fact that – with a few exceptions – there are or only a few or even no training options and offers for further ...