IEC/IEEE 82079 and ISO 20607 on publishing information online

In 2019, two new standards saw the light of day: ISO 20607 and IEC/IEEE 82079. The trend of the paper manual becoming obsolete continues. A relief for many companies. But exactly how do we need to handle online instructions?

Text by Ferry Vermeulen


IEC/IEEE 82079 and ISO 20607 on publishing information online

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Many European Directives, such as the R&TTE, LVD and EMC Directive, were repealed or replaced in 2016, allowing companies to deliver the user instructions for many products only online. The new standards on instructions for use also offer new opportunities. For many products, it is no longer required to supply the full manual in the packaging. This digitization is a pretty logical step considering that 85 percent of European households had an internet connection in 2016, and Western Europe and Eastern Europe had a 75 percent and 60 percent smartphone penetration respectively.

In this article, I will discuss how you can legally digitize your product information, under which circumstances you can publish your documentation online, and in which cases print is still required. For this I will review the relevant parts of ISO 20607 and IEC 82079 that relate to online publication.

What does ...