Instruction videos are the new marketing gold

Videos have become our customers’ most popular channel to find answers and solve problems. But can we create a video for every use scenario in every language? A new technology makes automated video creation a reality.

Text by Wouter Maagdenberg


Instruction videos are the new marketing gold

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It is a misconception that most YouTube visitors visit the platform for fun and distraction. Most YouTube visitors come to learn. According to a Google report, more than 70 percent of today’s YouTube traffic is generated by people learning and searching for solutions to everyday problems. In response, the presence of instructional videos on YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world (owned by the largest search engine in the world), has skyrocketed. In the beginning, these videos were mostly created and distributed by users themselves, so-called user-generated content, but corporate presence is increasing.

Figure 1: The role of digital videos in our consumers’ lives


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