What happens in our mind when we read

How does our mind process technical instructions? A look into the psychology behind the reading process may assist us in producing more efficient technical content.

Text by Masayasu Watai


What happens in our mind when we read

Image: Freddy Cahyono/123rf.com

While reading documents and comprehending their contents, we are forming knowledge. Although Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is evolving, it is safe to say that, even in the future, people will continue to acquire knowledge in their brains while reading documents.

Reading documents, comprehending contents, and forming knowledge are all internal activities that are implemented in the minds of people (as readers). Unfortunately, we cannot observe these internal activities. Even just recognizing them within our own minds is difficult. Most of the time, even the most proficient internal activities are automatically implemented within the unconscious mind.

While there are no scientific methods that allow us to observe mental activities, psychology has been able to shed some light on those mechanisms. In educational psychology, research is being conducted that is focused on ...