Bridging language and technology

To succeed on the global market, companies need to make their content available across a multitude of digital platforms. Localization solutions promise to do the job, but how do we choose the best solution?

Text by Jen Horner


Bridging language and technology

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Localization engineering bridges language and technology by making content available for translation and localization across digital platforms. Many localization solutions are available for fully or partly automating this process for mobile- and web-based applications and websites. If you understand the goals and processes of localization engineering, you can make a more informed choice for localizing your own digital product. Do you choose a subscription-based localization solution with the expectation of ongoing maintenance? Or do you make a one-time investment in hands-on engineering up front, then pay for updates on an ad hoc basis? This article explains what localization engineering is, what distinguishes the two approaches, and how to choose a method for localization engineering for software and websites.

Hands-on localization engineering solutions

The cost and efficiency of a ...